adidas EBP on the German Open 2009
Dear Mr. Borkenstein,
for the support on the German Open in 2009 in which approx. 850 sportsmen from 45 nations have taken part I would like to thank in the name of the German Taekwondo Union. The flawless functionality the electronic body protector of adidas has contributed to a successful event.
There were no technical malfunctions which would have resulted in a delay. Therefore, can be confirmed by our side that the system has proved itself on big events for a longer period. The cooperation with the technical Support ran smoothly. All necessary tools were provided in sufficient number and was installed competently
The scoring with the electronic body protector ran equally fair for all participants. There were no complaints or any discomfort from side of the participating teams.
Herewith we confirm the application readiness of the EBP system of the company adidas with big tournaments and thank for the constructive co-operation. We think that the EBP of adidas also persuade the people responsible of the World Federation.
With sporty greetings

Heinz Gruber

Deutsche Taekwondo Union e.V.

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