Official statement from the Referee Chairman, Chakir Chelbat

Swedish Taekwondo Federation has been using the Adidas Electronic Body Protector for the last three years. In the beginning it was very difficult to switch from the traditional way -  four corner judges - to two corner judges. Also, it was difficult for the coaches, players and the audience to get used to EBP. The EBP is the future of the WTF competition. Through the last three years, we have noticed that the EBP shows great improvement.
To ensure fair play, transparancy as well as good judgement of the WTF competition, we need the Electronic Body Protector.

We believe that the WTF will recognize the approvement of Adidas Electronic Body Protector very soon, because of the high quality as well as a good technology that the EBP shows today.

Chakir Chelbat
Referee Chairman

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